Whole case design

KINETIC·Innovators is a set of space design, acceptance, soft, smart home, to provide an integrated overall home solution platform.
The creative design team led by Chairman and Chief Designer Liu Henghan of Cornelden Home provides customers with integrated home design solutions from space planning to soft-wear matching profession, meets customers'expectations for home, achieves the most creative effect with the smallest budget, and provides users with high-end customization with a coordinated and unified style.


Through the design platform, we can efficiently export innovative overall space solutions for consumers.
  • Save Money

    With the purchase price of products, we can get the overall space design plan of top designers.
    the integral space the top designers desigscheme
  • Save worry

    Digital industrial products guarantee high quality details. Selected materials and processes to ensure absolute health and environmental protection of products.
    digital products toensure high qualit yindustrial
  • Save Time

    One-stop service saves a lot of time.
    make your home "one-stop"work style in placesave a lot of time.
  • Save Power

    Integral space design forms a high degree of coordination between products and soft fittings, and reduces the errors of home fittings.
    height of whole spacedesign products and soft outfit coordination
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